Our Team


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During her 15 plus years as the president of The Upah Group, her goal is to lead the team to initiate HR software that will help companies move into the paperless world and communicate with their employees in a very efficient manner.  The insurance products that we offer give companies the opportunity to do the very best they can for their employees in a cost-effective manner.  She is proud of her staff who are true partners and the key to the agency's success.  Outside of the office she enjoys spending time with her animals and growing flowering plants.. someday she hopes to raise Polish Frizzle Chickens.



With 20 plus years of experience in the employee benefits industry, Randy has seen firsthand how important it is to use clearly defined strategies to simplify complex problems and offer lasting solutions.  He takes great pride in helping employers navigate and understand the benefits that are available in the market today.  Randy’s commitment to using technology to modernizing HR departments and helping to streamline employee management.  He enjoys spending time with his family and loves to travel.

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With 5 years at The Upah Group, Marilyn helps plan and execute the framework for a successful enrollment.  She is most proud of The Upah Group’s commitment to delivering benefit communication and enrollment services that exceed client expectations.   Marilyn is our go to for client service.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.  She also loves travel and photography.  



In the ever-changing insurance industry, there is a huge need for consultants who can educate about how members can best utilize their benefits.   She helps employers identify benefit issues that they face and find creative solutions.  Kristy enjoys establishing long-term relationships with broker and employer partners.  Outside of the office Kristy is a dedicated to spending time with her Children and Grandchildren.



Laurel has helped implement benefits enrollments for countless companies year after year. She is dedicated to Benefits Education and ensuring that employees can fully understand their benefits and protect their lifestyles.  When she is not helping protect employees financial futures, she is spending time with her many Grandkids.


Delano Anthony

The newest addition to the Upah Team.  Delano has a strong background in insurance.  He is known for saving the customers money while personalizing the experience.  Outside of work, Delano likes to travel both domestically and internationally.